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We model our service arrangements to our client’s needs. Each engagement is designed to align our interests with our client’s, provide the benefit of our legal and business experience, and to do so at predictable costs. We offer the following arrangements:


For a fixed monthly, retained fee, we can provide part-time General Counsel support to your business. We will draw on our corporate legal executive experience to help your business grow, manage other legal resources, and, as appropriate, develop in-house legal or compliance programs. The fee may include direct legal support in such areas as contract drafting and negotiation, regulatory compliance, billing and reimbursement, anti-kickback, privacy, employment and corporate maintenance. 

General Counsel Service Model

You may not need, or currently desire, a General Counsel. You may simply require reliable “go to” legal or compliance support for certain purposes, such as negotiating or drafting payor, provider, employment or procurement contracts; regulatory matters; compliance issues; or peer review proceedings.  We offer monthly fee arrangements for such support.  Project based support also may be appropriate (see below).

Monthly Support Model

Your may simply need support for a specific contract negotiation, business creation, due diligence review, growth initiative, compliance program or other temporary projects. We offer one-time fixed fee arrangements for such defined projects or initiatives.

Project Based Support Model
Daily and Hourly Based Support Models

Many of our clients prefer traditional hourly billing arrangements. Others may prefer a day of support, such as attendance at face-to-face negotiations. In such instances, or simply if you prefer, we offer very competitive hourly and daily rates, available upon request.

Hybrid Models

At times, more than one support model may be appropriate.  For example, your business may require Monthly Retained Support for certain legal matters, but a project, daily or hourly billing arrangement may be appropriate for one-time additional support.

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