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Leveling the Playing Field

Bradford, Perlstein’s primary service proposition is simple: support the growth of emerging businesses and professional practices. To do that, we offer experienced and practical legal and compliance services at affordable and predictable costs. We provide strategic and practical business law guidance, business formation services, contract negotiation support, employment law advice, dispute resolution, and litigation management services. We help level the playing field in negotiations with larger businesses. We also offer support building compliance programs to help assure company compliance with key legal and customer requirements. And we do this with a variety of flexible, affordable pricing arrangements. 


Launched in 2010, Bradford, Perlstein is itself a small, but growing practice. We understand the challenges and concerns of emerging businesses, because we’ve been there.  That’s why we work with each client to determine what type of services are needed, and how much, before beginning. It all begins with listening. We want to hear your story! 


Bradford, Perlstein has access to more than 100 years of experience counseling major managed care, health professional, IT and other business clients, including at the highest levels.  Our leadership includes former Chief Counsels for Health Care and Compliance at a Fortune 200 health service company.  We also have access to professionals with significant litigation and business experience. 

Our goal is to provide “right size” business legal support, providing clients the services they want and need to address their goals and challenges, no more and no less.  We want to be a reliable, trusted legal advisor who helps clients achieve RESULTS.  We’re proud of the fact that many of our clients return for repeated services. Is your business a fit?

Cost Effective

We know how important it is for growing businesses to have predictable, reasonable costs, including for legal services.  So we offer a variety of flexible service models that can be designed to meet your specific needs.  These include fixed monthly, daily and project rates, and traditional hourly rate models when appropriate.

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