Medical Professional services

Bradford, Perlstein, and Associates offers practical, affordable executive legal services to emerging and medium maturity businesses, with a particular focus on health care, health service and managed care companies. We partner with each client to design part time “General Counsel” services at predictable monthly or project rates that meet that client's particular business needs." Is your business a fit? More
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BGCS has access to more than 100 years of experience counseling major managed care, health professional, IT and other business clients, including at the highest levels.  Our leadership includes former Chief Counsels for Health Care and Compliance at a Fortune 200 health service company.  We also have access to professionals with significant litigation and business experience. More

Cost Effective

Medical Professional services

We know how important it is for growing businesses to have predictable, reasonable costs, including for legal services.  So we offer a variety of flexible service models that can be designed to meet your specific needs.  These include fixed monthly, daily and project rates, and traditional hourly rate models when appropriate. More